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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Webinar?

Author: Simone Kohl

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Compared to classic lectures, webinars offer both advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of a webinar.

Advantages of a Webinar

  • There are no costs for travel to and from the event or overnight stays
  • Time savings, because no travel to and from the event is necessary
  • Simple registration
  • Before, during and after the presentation, there is the possibility to exchange information by asking questions and making comments
  • It is very easy to share additional digital material during or after the presentation
  • You can record the webinar so that the recording can be replayed again and again at a later time and you can also upload it to other platforms such as social media
  • The location of participants and speakers can be anywhere in the world
  • Attendees are supported by follow-up materials
  • By having attendees leave their contact information when they register, you can use the data for lead generation by sending them campaign offers and information in the future
  • They will receive feedback on the topic presented
  • You can build or strengthen customer loyalty by being seen live through the webcam, so an optimal exchange is given and you can use the interactive features such as surveys or chat

Disadvantages of a Webinar

  • A big disadvantage is the possible failure of technology, because in case of technology failure no webinar is possible
    → Such a failure could be a non-functioning internet connection or a broken computer
  • The mood of the participants cannot be captured as well as during seminar
  • The break conversations (as in seminars) are omitted
  • Participants are distracted more quickly because they do not feel observed
  • Interactions are reduced to a minimum

Tips for creating a webinar you can find here.

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