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What Does A Performance Marketing Manager Do?

Author: Simone Kohl

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There are many different areas in online marketing. In performance marketing, we talk about performance-oriented marketing. One uses instruments of online marketing to make interactions measurable. Performance marketing is about further optimizing the advertising tools used on the Internet. Therefore, the performance marketing manager must be able to think analytically and profit-oriented. But what exactly are the tasks of a performance marketing manager?

Tasks of a Performance Marketing Manager

  • Their main task is to check how well advertising projects fulfill their purpose.
  • The goal is to address the target group directly and to develop advertising adapted to them.
  • The tasks also include keeping an eye on the budget and collecting feedback from customers so that the advertising measures can be optimized.
  • With the help of tools, the performance marketing manager checks the company’s own website and optimizes it so that as many people as possible see and visit it.
  • Dealing with search engines and SEO (you can find out what SEO is here) is also part of the daily tasks.
  • They identify suitable marketing measures and designs matching campaigns and develops strategies with which the company can grow.

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Where do Performance Marketing Managers Work?

Most often, you can find them in web agencies that focus on SEO, SEA and affiliate marketing. Especially in e-commerce, performance marketing is an important aspect. Most companies can no longer avoid this form of online marketing. Because the targeting and evaluation of various KPIs (More about KPIs can be found here) and the optimization derived from them are interesting for any company that has the goal to become more successful.

Salary Expectations

According to, the salary of a performance marketing manager is between 45,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year.

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