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The Future of Work: What Employees Really Want

Author: Carina Czisch

· 3 mins read

Are you satisfied with your working policy in your position? Most people would assume that companies and organizations know how they can make positions and workplaces attractive and keep their staff motivated. However, according to the Future of Work Report provided by the position platform Monster, there is a misunderstanding between employees and employers. What will the Future of Work look like, what are employees and applicants looking for and what are the reasons why they stay in a company? Let’s have a look!

Different Priorities Between Employees and Employers

The focus for employees is very different from what employers think it is. For example, nearly half of companies are prioritizing remote flexibility, but only 24% of candidates say they are looking for that. In conclusion, both have the same expectations, but the priorities are different. Salary protection is what candidates want most, but it has a much lower priority for employers.

The Future of Work: Employers vs. Employees

What Employers Think Employees Want

  1. Healthcare benefits
  2. Paid time off
  3. Flexible work schedules
  4. Remote flexibility
  5. Salary protection/fair compensation

What Employees Really want

  1. Salary protection/fair compensation
  2. Financial compensation beyond salary
  3. Healthcare benefits
  4. Flexible work schedules
  5. Paid time off

Reasons Why Employees Stay in a Company

According to the 2022 Global Talent Trends Report from Mercer, there are different reasons why employees stay in a company. And there are big differences across geographies (and industries). Above all, position security is the most important argument for employees around the globe to stay in their position.

Top 5 reasons Why Employees Stay in a Position (Global):

  1. Position security
  2. Flexible working policy
  3. Competitiveness of pay/rewards
  4. Employee well-being programs
  5. Organizations focus on making a positive impact

Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Stay in a Position (Germany):

  1. Position security
  2. Vacation/time-off policies
  3. Flexible working policy
  4. Fair pay/responsible rewards practices
  5. Opportunity to continuously develop and learn

Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Stay in a Position (US):

  1. Position security
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Vacation/time-off policies
  4. Pension/retirement options
  5. Flexible working policy

Responsibilities for the Future Workspace

Staff retention should be an important part of a healthy corporate culture. Because every position position that needs to be filled, involves a great deal of expense. Including f.e. costs for recruiting or onboarding. That’s why employers should invest in strengthening their employee loyalty. This will have advantages for both sides. You create a healthy working environment with satisfied and motivated people. And people who can identify with their company and feel respected, show a positive working attitude and that will bring a business forward.

In conclusion, companies can optimize a lot to make workplaces more attractive and healthy. Not least because they have a big responsibility on their employees (mental) health. Therefore, some businesses come up with new benefits and perks to stay competitive. Extensive skill training or company profit sharing is not uncommon nowadays.

Final Thoughts

All this information shows that there are different perspectives on the Future of Work for employees and employers. The priorities differ and seem to get harder to align. But on the other hand, we also see the solution. Employees are looking for a meaningful and safe position, and employers should focus more on what the workforce really needs (f.e. family-friendly opportunities). In this way it is easier to build a bond of trust between a company and their employees.

Stay tuned!

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