A group of people practicing agile project management at a desk.

3 Principles For Agile Project Management

Author: Simone Kohl

· < 1 min read

We have already presented the 12 principles of agile working in a blog post. In this blog post, we listed the additional principles for agile project management.

These 12 principles can be complemented by three more additional principles for agile project management:

1. Resist Formalities
  • You should always ask yourself first if there isn’t an easier way to get what you need. The team should concentrate on productive work and avoid unnecessary tasks.
  • Discussions are open when working agile and only the most necessary information should be documented to keep the documentation effort as low as possible.
  • To make this realizable, you can use the following strategies:
    • Reduce hierarchies: For example by dispensing with titles for the team members.
    • Avoid detailed minutes of meetings and keep presentations rather simple
2. Act as a team
  • Each member should make sure that the team as a whole can be most productive. In an agile environment, the team should know its goals and work independently.
  • Examples:
    • To improve product quality, the following should be developed in pairs.
    • Introduce uniform designations as product developers and clarify all tasks in this area.
    • Reporting at a project team level.
    • Replace individual performance metrics with key performance indicators.
3. Visualize
  • You can visualize content through simple diagrams or with the help of a computer. Because content is easier to understand through pictures or diagrams.
  • Even if it is only a quick sketch, it is an efficient communication tool and helps to create a shared understanding.
  • Visualization includes the following:
    • Providing pens and paper in the working environment.
    • Use diagrams or models instead of text.
    • Also, display the project status in the form of diagrams or graphics.

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