About Us

Who We Are and How We Work.

Who We Are

Meet the innovative leaders in digital solutions. At Vollcom Digital, we’re not just about providing services; we’re about making a difference. Our aim is to empower your business with cutting-edge, scalable, data-driven marketing and cloud engineering solutions. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of data and cloud technology for your business, so you can make better decisions, gain actionable insights, and drive your business forward.

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Our Vision

We are dedicated to leading the digital revolution. Our vision is to become the top provider of data-driven marketing and cloud engineering solutions, helping businesses of all sizes harness the power of data and cloud technology for unparalleled growth and sustainability.

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Our Mission

Excellence is not just a goal; it’s our standard. We are committed to delivering services that are founded on integrity, collaboration, and customer-centricity. Our culture thrives on continuous learning and innovation, ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of our industry.

Our Story

Founded in Munich in 2016, we’ve built our business on the principle of being data-driven. We’re proud to be 100% bootstrapped, having completed over 40 successful projects, and we’re excited to see where our data-driven approach will take us next.


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Data Driven




Successful Projects

Our Core Values

At Vollcom Digital, we believe in:

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Continuous Improvement

We are always pushing forward, constantly learning, and continually improving our skills.

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We understand that working together as a team is what propels us forward.

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We don’t get lost in impractical ideas. Realistic planning is our path to success.

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We value the sharing of visions and ideas within our team. Your ideas are welcome here.

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Agile ways of working aren’t just a methodology for us; they’re our passion.

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We continuously test and adapt our ideas for the benefit of our customers.


Our Services

Discover the transformative power of data with our specialized services. We offer data-driven marketing, cloud engineering, advanced analytics & AI, and tech & data consulting. We deliver proactive IT solutions that are customized to meet your unique business needs.

Our People

Our team at Vollcom Digital is diverse, talented, and our greatest asset. We invite you to learn more about what it’s like to work with us. After all, it’s our people who make the difference.

Working at Vollcom Digital

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