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10 tips for SEO

Author: Simone Kohl
· 2 mins read

If a company wants to take the website further with the help of search engine optimization, there are some points to consider. Here are 10 tips for SEO that can help.

build in internal links

Build in internal links to help search engines better understand the structure of the website. They are important for the structure of the page. This increases the ranking potential of the page.

keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important points in search engine optimization, with it you determine for which keywords you appear in the search engines.

shorten the page loading time

Load time is also a ranking factor, a shorter page load time has a positive effect on the measured user signals, because the longer a page takes to load, the more likely users are to go back to the search results.

find out what users are looking for

Ask yourself: what does the user want to achieve with the search query, what do they want to know? Write primarily for the people and not for the search engines. Find the topics that interest your readers and offer them the relevant content.

keep the URL structure of the website precise

This will make it easier to get started in the search results. URL’s are the building blocks of the website and can be crucial for traffic. To satisfy both the people who read your articles and the search engines, you should pay attention to the structure of the URLs, because this also contributes to the success of your website.

optimize your website for smartphones and tablets

The number of smartphone and tablet users is continuously increasing, so it makes sense to make the website usable for smartphone and tablet users. Moreover, Google “penalizes” websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

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leave backlinks

Both the number and the quality are crucial for the ranking here. Increase the number of links through link building. So that they can also determine how many conversions are generated from visitors via inbound links, they should measure this with a KPI.

alt-tags for images

Images are so important that they even have their own section on Google. Therefore, it is important to add the keywords in the image name and as a caption to rank in Google Images as well.

create high quality content

Provide unique, entertaining and informative content for your website users. Write content that interests the users, they should write primarily for the people and only then for the search engines.

use the Google Search Console

This is a useful tool to monitor the presence of the website in search results, it provides you with information about indexing and lets you retrieve search query data, among other things. It also lets you view the backlink pages.

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