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11 Tips For Creating A Successful Webinar

Author: Simone Kohl

· 2 mins read

With these webinar tips, you will surely find it easier to create a webinar. Here we listed 11 tips for creating a successful webinar.

1. Setting Goals

  • First, it is useful to consider, “What is the purpose of the webinar?” Think about what you want to achieve with the webinar and also who you want to reach, because this will influence the content, which should be adapted to their target audience.

2. Choose the Topic for the Webinar

  • For the topic, you should choose a short and simple title that is easy to understand. The topic you choose should be relevant to their target audience. Also, you should be an expert in the chosen topic.

3. Set Clear Priorities

  • Quality before quantity! Rather focus on not too much but high-quality content. The length of a webinar should be about 60 minutes and preferably not exceed 90 minutes. What your target group prefers, they will notice during the first webinars.

4. Know the Software

  • To avoid long and unnecessary training periods, make sure that the webinar software is easy to use. You should also be sure to familiarize yourself with the software beforehand so that you can react quickly to problems, such as the presentation disappearing or complaints about the picture and sound.

5. Provide Outreach Before the Webinar

  • There is little point in preparing and holding a webinar if there is no one to see it. That’s why you should ensure reach before the webinar begins by posting the date for the webinar with the topics covered on your social media channels, for example.

6. Send Reminders About the Webinar

  • To remind prospects and attendees about the webinar, you should send them personalized emails at certain intervals before the start. To do this, for example, ask for the surname, first name and email address on a registration page with the objectives and content of the webinar. This can be, for example, a week before the start, a day before the start or on the day of the webinar. Only you should be careful not to send a reminder too often, otherwise the potential participants might get annoyed.

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7. Overcome Waiting Times

  • Keep in mind that some participants will be there before the event begins. For example, include a countdown or music, or greet participants in advance to bridge the wait.

8. Creative Design

  • Make your webinar varied, let your participants actively participate through surveys, polls or the chat function. Design your webinar with images and videos to keep participants’ attention. Also, speak freely without reading off and give participants the opportunity to ask questions.

9. Call-to-Action

  • Include a call-to-action that prompts to download white papers or information.

10. Record the Webinar

  • Webinars can be marketed well even after they have been held. Plus, those who couldn’t attend the live event get a chance to watch the webinar at a more convenient time.

11. Follow-Up

  • Provide participants with a summary of the information, for example in the form of a PDF file. And use the contacts you made through the webinar!

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