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Data driven marketing

Author: Simone Kohl
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Data driven marketing is the collection, analysis and use of data collected during the customer journey. The goal is to improve sales on the one hand and to increase brand awareness and reach on the other.

In this way, marketers can better adapt to the user’s needs and study customer behavior, leading to a more targeted marketing strategy.

goals of data driven marketing

The goal of data driven marketing is to track customer behavior, respond to trends, strengthen customer relationships, or even arouse the interest of potential customers and find the right content for them, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, marketers can measure and evaluate the results of campaigns.

collected data

  • demographic data such as information on age, gender, place of residence, occupation, marital status.
    You can use this data to form an overall picture of the target group
  • behavioral data: KPIs such as dwell time or bounce rate, etc.
  • qualitative customer statements consisting of voluntarily provided data

There are tools that collect the data like Google Analytics or SEMrush, for example. There are so many different tools that can measure and evaluate various data. Or you can get a better understanding of your target group through free surveys on social media profiles such as Instagram or Facebook.

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advantages of data driven marketing

  • you can improve the KPIs through a targeted analysis, get higher sales figures and more traffic on your website
  • you can react quickly to trends, this way you can stay competitive
  • and also you can address the needs and wishes of customers faster and better

final thoughts

In order to use customer data meaningfully, it must be well maintained and managed. And also, the potential target group can be found quickly with the help of Google Analytics and relevant information can be collected easily.

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