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How to become a Digital Marketing Analyst

Author: Simone Kohl

· 2 mins read

Marketing analysts play an important role in the success of a company. A Digital Marketing Analyst is always looking for new ways a company can optimize online efforts to generate more customers. These include email campaigns, social media, and other online branding measures. 

What is a Digital Marketing Analyst?  

A Digital Marketing Analyst plays an important role in the company. The field of online marketing is constantly growing. Digital marketing analysts are responsible for analyzing trends in online marketing and finding a way how a company can optimize the measures to be even more successful. For these analyses, digital marketing analysts have to work with different tools, for example, Google Analytics. They also need to create dashboards of websites and marketing channels to ensure data collection.  

Creating strategies for each channel is also part of the digital marketing analyst’s position. They prepare the findings and recommendations so that everyone on the team can understand them, and then present them. 

What Does a Digital Marketing Analyst do?  

  1. Strategy Development 
    • Marketing analysts are responsible for creating the strategies for various marketing campaigns and analyzing the results. They then present the results to management and discuss optimizations. In addition, researching trends is also part of the position. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with industry trends and use many programs and tools to develop and implement new ideas and strategies.  
    • Furthermore, growth strategies are developed and goals for campaigns are set. This also includes the measurement of the campaigns.  
  2. Use Programs for Campaign Optimization  
    • For the daily work as a digital marketing analyst, it is always a good idea to develop new tools and skills and to use them in everyday work. There are constantly new technologies that make work easier. Useful skills include knowledge of PPC campaigns or SEO skills.  
  3. Communication  
    • Once the campaign results have been analyzed, they need to be communicated. As a marketing analyst, you may need to be able to train salespeople to generate more leads. They must also have good communication skills to work closely with internal and external vendors as well.  

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Analyst

  • Gathering marketing, customer, and web data  
  • Analysis and execution of marketing campaigns  
  • Measuring campaign performance  
  • Presentation of analysis results and optimization of measures  
  • Strategy development  
  • Analysis of trends 

Important Metrics  

For digital marketing analysts, there are several important MEtrics to measure the overall success of the marketing strategy but also the success of individual campaigns. These include key figures from Paid media, earned media, owned media, downloads, leads, traffic, bounce rate, etc.  

You can find out more about Data-Driven Marketing here.

How to become a Digital Marketing Analyst  

Many companies require a degree in marketing, computer science, or economics. Often you can also start as a trainee or apprentice in the field of online marketing and then choose the right department and position from there. However, it is important to have a high interest in trends and the field of online marketing in general. 

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