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5 Factors Why Agile Working Makes Sense

Author: Simone Kohl

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5 factors that show why agile working makes sense and why a project with the agile methods of Scrum is successful. What is agile software development? And who is in a Scrum team? You can find it on our blog! In this blogpost, you will find 5 factors why agile working makes sense.

  1. Quality of the Results
    • The result of the project is the most important goal. With agile project management, the solution at this point fits the customer’s needs exactly. In contrast to the classic model, you can react quickly to changes and make successful work possible.
  2. Teamwork
    • The roles in agile work are clearly distributed, which persons make up a scrum team, you can find here.
    • Due to the self-organized teams there is a high degree of personal responsibility for how the team handles the requirements. The task of the Scrum Master is to ensure that the rules of the Scrum agile way of working are followed.
  3. Efficiency 
    • In Scrum, sprints are used to create a point in time when the tasks must be set to “Done”. This way you can orientate yourself to a certain time frame, for example two weeks. One sprint follows the other and ensures focused and efficient work of the development team.
  4. Evaluation of Progress
    • In Scrum everyone has the same definition of Done, so everyone knows when a position is considered done. The individual steps are worked on one after the other and the next one starts only after the last one has been completed. In this way everyone knows in which phase the project is currently in.
  5. Flexibility and Speed 
    • An agile team is adaptable and self-learning. In a team you can overcome problems and obstacles more easily. Furthermore, an agile team creates the possibility to develop more and more ideas.

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