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5 Tips for Agile Teamwork

Author: Simone Kohl

· < 1 min read

Agility is about transparency, teamwork, feedback, and improvement. Each team has to define which goals it wants to achieve. Here we listed 5 tips for agile teamwork. More about managing an agile team can be found on our blog post Agile Management.

  1. Communication Between the Agile Team and Outsiders
    • Most of the time there are interfaces with outsiders even in agile teams. Therefore, instead of waiting for the results of the outsiders, you should work with dummies. This way you don’t have to wait for data.
  2. Stakeholder Management
    • For agile teamwork, stakeholder management is an important aspect. Each stakeholder should be informed individually because if the needs of the stakeholder are taken into account, it is easier to approach them. This is usually the task of the product owner.
  3. Give Time to the Transition to Agile Working
    • Every employee has to see the added value of agile working. This can often take longer because teams are often afraid of new processes and need time to gain trust. This can help to communicate.
  4. Small and Self-Organized Teams
    • The team makes all important decisions itself, the setting of goals should help to achieve this. The reason for this is that those who understand the problem can make the decisions. However, the team also has the responsibility for achieving the goals. Everyone has an active role and participates in the achievement of the goals.
  5. Identify Teams and Start the Project
    • Finding out which team is suitable for agile work. People should be open to the new way of working. Then you can choose a project. After that, you should inform all other departments and the agile work can start.

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