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7 Effective Ways To Motivate Your Team

Author: Simone Kohl

· 3 mins read

Motivate your team by cheering them on! Because motivation is important for the position satisfaction of the employees. And that has a measurable impact on the company’s success. It’s no secret that more and more people are working from home. This also has many advantages, time spent commuting to work is eliminated, communication with colleagues becomes more controlled and you can improve your work-life balance.  

Motivating employees is the position of the team leader. This person must learn what works for each team and what doesn’t.  Frequent absences and high turnover are the consequences of low employee motivation. But how do you ensure more motivation?  

To help you motivate your remote team and your “office team”, we have summarized a few effective ways: 

1. Recognition Through Praise 

  • This way is quick and costs you nothing. Praising the employees is still a strong motivation for the individual team members. If you praise your team, you can appreciate their performance and thus increase their motivation. If they do this in the presence of other employees, it motivates them even more, because they then want to be the next one to be praised. This could take place in regular team meetings, then everyone can start thinking about who deserves special praise.  
  • Another idea is to have a list on which everyone can write praise for everyone, both colleagues and the boss. Only positive comments are allowed. Every praise counts! 

2. Transparent Communication 

  • Open communication is also very important to gain the trust of employees. Approach the team and involve them in decisions and processes. This way, the decisions and opinions from the whole team can be incorporated and the employees can better adapt to changes and are more open to them.  
  • In addition, communication should be open, this way there will be no misunderstandings which then lead to frustration, which is not conducive to motivation. The solution to this is also regular meetings, where everyone is informed about the most important decisions and events. However, you should be careful not to go into too much detail, otherwise, it could quickly become too long and waste too much time. 

3. Have Meaningful Work Done 

  • Give the team a sense of purpose so they know what drives them every morning. Because when an employee knows what they’re doing the position for, it’s easier to find motivation. In doing so, it’s important to give employees the why we do what we do. This makes it easier for them to develop a passion for the position and become more motivated to work. In doing so, you can ask your employees about their goals and dreams. Then you can work together on what the employee needs to learn to get a little closer to the goal. The chance to gain more knowledge and the possibility of advancing salary then binds the employee to their company. This is important so that the investment in the employee is not lost. 

4. Create a Pleasant Working Environment   

  • When employees work in a pleasant atmosphere, they are automatically happier and therefore more motivated. In addition, they can then infect other employees with a good mood. You should pay attention to whether the employees are satisfied with the work or not. 

5. Establish Error Culture 

  • A good error culture is part of many companies today. Fear of making mistakes leads to inhibitions, which in turn inhibits creativity. Making mistakes is human and taking risks can lead to new opportunities.  
  • If a mistake has happened, you should analyze together with the employee what he can learn from it and how such mistakes can be avoided in the future. After all, if the team learns lessons from the mistakes, many new opportunities will present themselves at the same time.  
  • By enabling their employees to learn from their mistakes, they promote innovation and thus motivation. 

6. Celebrate Successes 

  • Celebrate successes with your team, even small ones. This will strengthen the team because even small successes are recognized and the joy about it will be great. For example, you can toast a success by drinking coffee together, or with a glass of champagne! In this way, what has been achieved can be enjoyed once again, so that new tasks can be started with motivation. Here, both the successes and the mistakes (see point 5) should be analyzed. Then, next time, this knowledge can be used to avoid further or other mistakes. As I said, it doesn’t have to be a big celebration, a round of pizza after a completed project, for example, doesn’t cost much but has a big impact. Then the employees also feel good and as we have noticed, they then work more motivated. 

7. Take the Opinion of Employees Seriously 

  • Find out what strengths and weaknesses you have in leadership because the opinion of employees is very important. Small surveys can also be conducted for this purpose. In this one and one conversation, things from different areas can be asked, such as well-being in the team, office equipment, etc… If these questions were asked and also answered, this should also be implemented because only asking without doing anything would rather have a negative effect because the employees could think you do not take the opinion seriously. 

Final Thoughts   

Motivating the team is an important task. Implement one thing at a time so that the points can also be implemented optimally. Because then both the employees and the company will benefit from the changes. 

Stay tuned!

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