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What Is Change Management and How Can It Help?

Author: Simone Kohl

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What is Change Management?

  • Change management means making controlled changes to structures or processes. The goal is to achieve sustainable changes within the organization. It is a strategic orientation and is therefore based on the goals of the company.
  • Use this when a new strategic orientation is necessary. For example, when new markets are opened up or another company is bought.
  • In these cases, it is usually not enough just to plan a new strategy. The behavior of all employees and the corporate culture must change to adapt to the new tasks and management systems.

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5 Success Factors of Change Management

  1. A Consistent Strategy
    • The project absolutely needs a coherent strategy.
    • You should motivate employees to participate in the change, this way, they understand the strategy and can contribute to its successful implementation.
    • In addition, preparation is important to plan resources and define concrete measures.
  2. Define Clear Goals
    • As with most things, you have to set goals so that everyone knows why you make those changes.
    • The goals must be present in both the strategy and the implementation.
    • It helps to use SMART goals as a guide.
  3. Involve Employees
    • Because the change is also a change for the employees, it is essential to involve them.
    • This motivates employees to actively participate in change management.
  4. Create a Sense of Achievement
    • The project can be divided into small sub-projects, in this way, even small steps and successes can be communicated and rewarded within the company.
    • This in turn ensures that it is more likely to be accepted by all those involved and that employees are also committed in the long term.
  5. Create Transparency
    • To create transparency, there should be good communication within the company.
    • It is important to communicate the goals and visions again and again.
    • This includes information about obstacles, risks, and successes.

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