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Stay fit in the home office

Author: Simone Kohl
· 2 mins read

how can sport be fun in the home office?

Because many people currently have to work from home and fitness studios have closed, many people want to do sports at home. But you should not forget to do a little sport after sitting at your desk. This way you can stay fit even in the home office.

When the weather is good, you can of course go outside and find a quiet corner. For indoors there are countless online sports programs such as gymondo, various sports tips or even YouTube videos such as on the Pamela Reif channel. 

3 tips for your home workout

To stay fit in the home office and to be able to do sports effectively here are a few tips:

1. Create space

You don’t need much space to do the exercises, about 2 meters in each direction are usually sufficient.

2. Sports equipment is not necessary

There are many workouts for which no equipment is needed at all. On YouTube you can find many different workouts. One example is this AB workout from Pamela reif:

AB workout

3. Allow fixed time and increase motivation

If you set a certain period of time for the workouts, motivation increases and you can adapt to it. In addition, various fitness apps are recommended, so you can see the progress, for example, for jogging there is the app “running” from Adidas.

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Exercises to stay fit in the home office

If you don’t feel like watching a workout video, you can bring a little bit of movement into your daily life with these exercises, which is also pleasant for in between:
With a lunge forward, the thigh muscles are activated and balance is improved. Jump Squad:
To do this, position your legs hip-wide, then squat down and quickly jump up with tension in the torso area. When landing, go straight back into squatting and jump again.
Side Plank:
This is the ideal exercise for the lateral abdominal muscles: you start in a lateral position and support yourself on your forearm. The legs are stretched out. Hold the position as long as possible and then change sides.

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