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What Is Lead Generation?

Author: Simone Kohl

· 2 mins read

Whether it’s a website, blog post, or newsletter signup, many companies use content interest for Lead Generation. One example is the newsletter, prospects trade their email address for interesting content from their newsletter. Before someone buys a product, they deal with it extensively, at least since digitalization. Therefore, companies need to adapt to the buying behavior of customers and improve their lead generation. Lead generation is already an integral part of the B2B marketing strategy in many companies.

What is a Lead?

  • A lead is a prospective customer of a company from whom contact data has been generated and who is to be turned into a customer by the company. Prospects receive content relevant to them when they leave their email address, for example.
  • The goal is to present the product to make it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision. Generating quality leads is an important part of B2B marketing strategy to enable business growth.
  • You can usually generate interest through valuable content. This can be e-books, checklists or tips. To view the content most of the time the email address and name has to be entered to access the content.

The Process of Lead Generation

  • Called the process for lead generation lead nurturing. It is best to approach the leads with the relevant information at the appropriate time. For example, during the new customer acquisition or reactivation phase.
    Lead generation and lead nurturing build on each other.
    The task of lead nurturing is to provide the prospective buyer with information that is currently relevant to him. The customer then turns to the company to obtain this information.
  • The customer is therefore addressed with the relevant content at precisely that point in the customer journey.

Advantages of Lead Generation

  • More qualified leads through leadnurturing
  • You can address visitors at any stage
  • You can shorten the buying process
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • You can strengthen the customer loyalty and generate new customers

Final Thoughts

With a clear strategy it is possible to generate many new high quality leads for your company and to address the customers in the right phase.

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