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5 Tips for Product Owner for the Product Vision

Author: Anna Schötz

· 2 mins read

What is the Product Vision? 

A product vision is a long-term goal that a company strives to achieve. The goal is to create a product that serves a purpose. The product is described here from an overarching perspective. Furthermore, this explanation of the product vision plays an important role for the whole Scrum team. 

Who is Responsible for the Product Vision? 

The person responsible for the product vision is usually the product owner with support from other executives to ensure that the corporate vision is supported. The corporate vision and the product vision can be similar. 

Product Vision Importance for an Agile Team  

But why is this so important? Without the vision’s goals, the team wouldn’t know which functions to prioritize tasks by and which resources to focus on.

Here’s 3 reasons why it is important: 

  1. Development of the Roadmap  
    • The vision helps to create the roadmap. This should start with the formulation of the vision and should already be mentioned at the beginning. Then this vision can be translated into a strategy and an action plan.  
    • Thus, the shared vision helps all team members in decision-making throughout the project.  
  2. Facilitating the Processes 
    • Strategic decision-making is facilitated with a clear vision by driving decisions through the identification of initiatives. Thus, the shared vision helps all team members in decision-making throughout the project 
  3. Clear Vision  
    • With a clear understanding of the goals to be achieved, everyone can stay on track. Everyone then knows what they need to do and when  

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5 Tips for your Product Vision  

  1. Describe the Motivation Behind the Product  
    • An idea for something new is good, but there must also be a vision behind it. The team can then orient itself on this. This serves as a direction for the product. It motivates in case of difficulties and facilitates effective collaboration. To choose the right vision, ask yourself what is particularly important to you for the product and what the product should fulfill.  
  2. Share the Product Vision Often  
    • The product owner is also responsible for sharing the vision. And do it over and over again. This is important so that team members always know why they are doing things. It helps the development team and stakeholders make decisions. It also helps potential customers understand why they should buy your product.  
  3. Develop Iteratively and Incrementally
    • Because the development of a product is usually very complex, they should collaborate with the stakeholders, team, and customers. Take a few iterations to tweak the vision.  
  4. Focus on the Value for the Customer or User 
    • The vision should be inspiring, motivating, and inviting. The vision is about solving a problem. Therefore, the vision should not be too technical, but rather focused on value.  
  5. Choose an Inspiring Vision 
    • The vision should inspire the people working on it. Because a benefit should be created and a special motivation. The team will be more motivated and effective to work on the vision if they know the meaning and benefits. For this, you can include beneficial changes that the product will bring.  

Final Thoughts  

The product vision should match the corporate goals and vice versa. Collaboration and continuous information from everyone involved, such as the team and stakeholders, are especially important. Make sure that the vision has a purpose and meaning and that everyone is aware of it. 

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