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How to Become a Product Quality Engineer

Author: Simone Kohl

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A product quality engineer works within the quality team and has several responsibilities. Here we have summarized what it takes to become a project quality engineer.

What is Quality Engineering?  

Quality Engineering is a collection of management approaches related to the development, optimization, and production of processes with high-quality levels. Reliability and safety are of particular importance here. The aim of this is to obtain knowledge about process behavior and quality changes and to obtain measures for error analysis and elimination of errors. 

What is a Product Quality Engineer?  

The goal of a quality engineer is to ensure the overall quality of a manufactured product. The final products should be safe and reliable and meet customer requirements. In doing so, the QA Engineer is responsible for keeping the manufacturing process as effective and cost-efficient as possible.  

The Quality Engineer is responsible for monitoring system and hardware quality. The Person is responsible for identifying and prioritizing reliability trends. Also he/she is also responsible for documenting and resolving quality issues. And the person is expected to improve product reliability and customer satisfaction and monitor this with various metrics. In addition, his/her responsibilities include monitoring testing, product failure rates, and reliability. Throughout the project, he will provide risk management.  

The Quality Engineer Works with the Following Teams: 

  • Design Team  
  • subcontractors  
  • manufacturing teams  
  • customers 

What Does a Quality Engineer Do?  

There are several skills that a Quality Engineer must possess to perform the duties.  

Some of the basic skills include the following:  

  • Problem solving  
  • Good communication skills  
  • Teamwork  
  • Planning skills  

In larger companies, Quality Engineers may have different areas of focus, these may be quality assurance, quality control, or quality risk management for example. 

Tasks of the Role 

  • Evaluation of product quality  
  • Identification of problems  
  • Achieving quality objectives for product development  
  • Collaboration with various departments  
  • Improve processes and products and develop solutions for product quality reliability  
  • Provide feedback on test engineering to improve quality results 

How to Become a Product Quality Engineer  

The first step to becoming a Product Quality Engineer is an education. Most of the QA Engineers have a Bachelor Bachelor’s or Master Master’s degree. However, experience from other professions can also be helpful if you want to become a Product Quality Engineer. For example, these can be professions such as manufacturing engineer or subcontractor engineers or subcontractors..  

What Skills Do I Need?  

Ideally, you will have some of the following skills: 

  • Analytical Skills
    • You must be able to quickly identify problems and find the root cause so that optimizations can be made  
  • Critical Thinking 
    • Once problems are identified, solutions must be found. Therefore, it is helpful to be able to look at problems in different ways. 
  • Be Detail-Oriented  
    • In an implementation, you need people who notice problems and can pay attention to and react to every detail  
  • Statistical Skills  
    • Statistical analysis is also important for Quality Engineers, as this makes up a large part of the position  
  • Communication Skills 
    • To communicate well with different teams and stakeholders, skills in this area are especially important 


It is important to use the different skills correctly and to communicate well with the teams and people involved. Then nothing should stand in the way of becoming a Product Quality Engineer. 

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