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How Can We Improve Effective Team Communication?

Author: Simone Kohl

· 2 mins read

Communication is the basis of cooperation in a team. To work well together, you need to ensure good communication. Improved communication in the workplace ensures, among other things, that team cohesion and agility are improved. 

What is Team Communication?  

But what is team communication? A team is several people who must work interdependently to achieve a common goal. Teams are a form of organization in companies.  

So team communication means exchanging information in a team to achieve a common event or goal. Communication consists of interactions and the exchange of relevant information. And this is regardless of the nature and tasks of the team because all members must interact and share information with the rest of the team to achieve the goals set.  

How Does Team Communication Work?  

It can happen in different ways. There are different forms, such as oral, written, or digital communication. 

Here are some possibilities of channels: 

  1. Oral Communication:
    • Team or individual conversations  
    • Phone calls or meetings  
  2. Written communication: 
    • Documentations both on paper and electronically  
    • E-mails  
    • Chats  
    • Tasks 

The main issue is to ensure that the form of communication works for the people. Most often, the team leader is responsible for choosing the best channels for the team and helping the team achieve its goals.  

In addition, the leader must ensure that the communication style fits to the people. Some teams want more top-down interaction, while some want flat and two-way communication.  

You should think about the team’s own work culture and how the team can best process information.  

Team Communication and Performance  

One question that management asks about communication is whether communication affects the performance of the members.  

Communication is a critical factor and therefore plays an important role in team performance. Thus, it can be said that communication is related to the results that a team achieves.  

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4 Strategies for Better Team Communication  

  1. Quality over Quantity  
    • When it comes to communication in the workplace, the quality of communication plays a major role.
    • To avoid empty conversations, every interaction should have a clear purpose. It’s best to ask yourself who it makes sense to address.
    • For example, customers, team leadership, or team members.
    • Ask yourself what outcome you want to achieve and whether you need to refer back to the conversation at a later date or if others on the team need the details as well.  
  2. Make Meetings Productive  
    • Again, every interaction should serve a purpose.
    • For this purpose, meetings should be kept short, i.e. no longer than 1h, so that participants can stay focused and recover.
    • In addition, only those team members should be invited who are also required for the meeting.
    • These should then also clearly show whether and how they can participate in the meetings.
    • Ideally, the person in charge creates an agenda that is also adhered to. 
  3. Use Communication Channels  
    • Whether remote or in the office, many different channels can be used. For example, these: 
  4. Documentations  
    • Projects always have goals, end dates, or milestones.
    • Through effective communication, everyone knows clearly about this.
    • Otherwise, deadlines may not be met or employees may not be able to work effectively. 

Final Thoughts   

Effective team communication brings many benefits and helps the team to understand and achieve the set goals. 

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