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Being more productive in a positive work culture

Author: Simone Kohl

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Work culture and position satisfaction are not just about the tasks themselves, it’s also about making sure the organization is right and that employees can identify with the company’s values. It’s also about how people interact with each other. 

meaning of work culture 

The Work Culture consists of common values, the same attitude, and the same assumptions that employees share. It is the overall character of the company. The Work Culture includes the values, goals, beliefs, and attitude of the company.

characteristic of a positive work culture 

The work culture has various characteristics that are organized and planned by the team leader and the HR team. These can be, for example, the following:

  • Effective communication
    Communication is one of the most important aspects of the company. Through effective communication, each employee knows what the company expects and what the goals are. This includes team meetings about topics such as goals or positions. Without this communication, employees could feel ill-informed and uninvolved. Then this would be bad for the motivation of the individual employee and the company.
  • Giving feedback
    A feedback culture helps prevent mistakes and builds employee trust. Mistakes happen, but a good feedback culture can help to inform employees at an early stage so that they can react more quickly. Feedback gives employees the feeling that mistakes are an opportunity for improvement. This way, they are less afraid of making mistakes and can work more productively.
  • Diversity
    Diversity in any way can also contribute to positive work culture. The company has the opportunity to grow and innovate through the different skills of different people.
  • Teamwork
    For good teamwork, there are many tools that can be used to improve teamwork. More about teamwork, also in remote teams can be found here:
    5 tips you need to know if you work in a remote team
    4 tips to improve team communication
    5 tips for agile teamwork
  • Personal Development
    When employees have the feeling that they can grow beyond themselves, learn and develop new skills, this also has a positive effect on the work culture. You can support that by trainings, courses, or online education.

how to change to a positive work culture

  1. set clear values and goals
    It is important to establish a set of clear values that are then communicated effectively. The actions that are recorded should then also be implemented by everyone. This makes everyone feel accountable and ensures a positive culture in the workplace.
  2. implement changes
    If you want to make changes, then they should be executed by all levels. Goals such as improving work-life balance should therefore also be taken into account by managers so that others can follow their example.
  3. support
    To support employees, managers should provide training. These can be individual programs or team-building activities. In this way, employees can increase their productivity and improve teamwork.

final thoughts

Positive work culture is important to promote employee motivation and productivity. The company can then benefit the most from the employees and create new growth opportunities. So a positive work culture is only beneficial for the company.

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